The following ECC resolutions have been adopted by the Washington State Central Committee.

2024 Resolutions

  • WSDCCRES 102_ Support Lower Snake River Rail Development
  • WSDCCRES 1021 Support Expanding Access to Community Solar in Washington State
  • WSDCCRES 1022 Support Compost, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Legislation in Washington State
  • WSDCCRES 1026 Calling on the Legislature to Order and Fund a Study of Offshore Wind Project Effects Before Permitting Them
  • WSDCCRES 1027 Support Formation of a Beaver Ecosystem Management Plan

2023 Resolutions

  • WSDCCRES1013 Calling for Continued Natural Climate Solutions Investments in State Forestland
  • WSDCCRES1014 Supporting the Adoption of a Mature Forest Policy for State Forestlands

2022 Resolutions

  • WSDCCRES 987 Support Closing the Sprawl Growth Loophole in the Growth Management Act
  • WSDCCRES 988 Support EPA Endangerment Finding on Leaded Aviation Gasoline
  • WSDCCRES 989 Support Reducing Climate Change Impacts Through Comprehensive Plans
  • CONRES 221 Oppose the Use of Climate Change Commitment Act (CCA) Funds for Ultra High Speed Rail (UHSR) in the 2022 “Move Ahead Washington” Program
  • WSDCCRES 1002 New Approach to Forestlands
  • WSDCCRES 1003 Climate Commitment Act (CCA) Funds Must Be Managed With Accountability and Transparency
  • WSDCCRES 1004 Adopt Responsible and In-Perpetuity (Lasting) Affordable Housing Laws

Resolution Rules

ECC’s rules for resolutions were adopted by the membership on December 17, 2020.  They may be viewed here.