Endorsements 2024

ECC makes endorsement of candidates in statewide, congressional, and state legislative races in addition to statewide ballot measures.

An endorsement vote for the primary election endorsement will be conducted from May 7-14. Active members in good standing as of April 14 are eligible to vote.

An additional endorsement vote for general election endorsements will be conducted from September 10-17. Active members in good standing as of August 21 will be eligible to vote.

Candidate Questionnaire

ECC’s current endorsement questionnaire is linked below.

Online Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire 2024 (preferred – Google Form) 

ECC Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire 2024 (.PDF Link)
[Download form to computer. Save as local file after completing form. Rename “ECC Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire 2024_[candidate].pdf”.
Email to

Endorsement Key Dates

    • 4/14/2024 Eligibility Date for ECC Membership (30 days before close of voting)
    • 4/25/2024 ECC General Meeting
    • 4/27/2024 Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire Due – Primary Election
    • 5/7 – 5/14/2022 ECC Primary Election Endorsement Ballot
    • 5/17/2024 Contact endorsed candidates
    • 8/6/2024 Primary Election
    • 8/18/2024 Eligibility Date for ECC Membership (30 days before close of voting)
    • 8/31/2024 Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire Due – General Election
    • 9/10 – 9/17/2022 ECC General Election Endorsement Ballot
      9/12/2022 ECC General Meeting – Candidate Forum
    • 9/20/2024 Contact endorsed candidates
    • 11/5/2024 General Election

Endorsement Rules

Criteria for Receiving Endorsement

The ECC does not have established criteria to evaluate a candidate for endorsement. The following guidelines may be taken into consideration.

    • Has the candidate reviewed the Party Platform and ECC resolutions and do endorsement answers reflect Party and ECC priorities?
    • Does a candidate’s public statement on website for environment and climate issues match with what they are saying on the endorsement questionnaire? Consideration may be given that many issues have an environment/climate change nexus.
    • What is the candidate’s employment, advocacy, and legislative record relative to their political experience? Review candidate’s record of bill sponsorship and co-sponsorship.

Contact Information

Jeff Berner, ECC Endorsements Chair, Endorsements@ECCWa.Org